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ASTM B733 Test Specimens

Metaspec manufactures test specimens used in quality testing by ASTM B733, which covers autocatalytic (electroless) nickel-phosphorus coatings on metal. The production or quality control requirements generally require that the plated parts be tested for conformance to ASTM B733. However, some parts (due to shape or size) can't be tested. In those cases, the specification allows test panels (sometimes called special or separate specimens) that are plated together with the other parts and then tested at the end of the plating process for conformance.

The following tests are listed in ASTM B733, which also allows for alternate or substitute test methods. Some of these tests are performed directly on plated parts, while other tests may be performed on separate test specimens that are plated along with the parts in question.

  • ASTM B733 §9.1 Deposit Analysis for Phosphorus (see ASTM E60, E352, or E156)

  • ASTM B733 §9.2 Appearance

  • ASTM B733 §9.3 Thickness

    • ASTM B733 §9.3.1 Microscopical Method (see ASTM B487)

    • ASTM B733 §9.3.2 Magnetic Induction Instrument Method (see ASTM B499)

    • ASTM B733 §9.3.3 Beta Backscatter Method (see ASTM B567 and ASTM B733 Appendix X2)

    • ASTM B733 §9.3.4 Micrometer Method

    • ASTM B733 §9.3.5 Weigh, Plate, Weigh Method

    • ASTM B733 §9.3.6 Coulometric Method (see ASTM B504)

    • ASTM B733 §9.3.7 X-Ray Spectrometry (see ASTM B568)

  • ASTM B733 §9.4 Adhesion

    • ASTM B733 §9.4.1 Bend Test (see ASTM B571)

    • ASTM B733 §9.4.2 Impact Test

    • ASTM B733 §9.4.3 Thermal Shock

  • ASTM B733 §9.5 Microhardness (see ASTM B578)

  • ASTM B733 §9.6 Porosity

    • ASTM B733 §9.6.1 Ferroxyl Test for Iron Base Substrates

    • ASTM B733 §9.6.2 Boiling Water Test for Iron-Base Substrates

    • ASTM B733 §9.6.3 Aerated Water Test for Iron-Base Substrates

    • ASTM B733 §9.6.4 Alizarin Test for Aluminum Alloys

    • ASTM B733 §9.6.5 Porosity Test for Copper Substrates

  • ASTM B733 S1.4 Hydrogen Embrittlement (see ASTM F519)

  • ASTM B733 S1.5 / Appendix X1 Taber Abraser Wear Test Method (see ASTM D4060)

  • ASTM B733 S1.6 Adhesive Wear (see ASTM D2714 or ASTM D2670)

  • ASTM B733 S1.7 Contact Resistance (see ASTM B667)

  • ASTM B733 S1.8 Solderability (ASTM B678)

  • ASTM B733 S1.9 Corrosion Resistance (see ASTM G31, ASTM G5, or ASTM G59)

  • ASTM B733 S1.10 Pitting Corrosion Resistance (see ASTM G85, ASTM B368, or ASTM B380)

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