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About Our Company

Metaspec has been a world leader in manufacturing precision test specimens, coupons and panels for more than 70 years. Metaspec offers a wide range of specimens made from more than 150 different materials including metal, plastic, wood, glass, concrete and more.  We serve a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, lubricants, plating and coating, aerospace, adhesives, material research, and many other industries. Metaspec specimens are used by more than one thousand companies in R&D, test laboratories, and quality control operations around the world.


Today, Metaspec offers more test specimens and panels than ever before. We offer specimens used in hundreds of standardized test methods including ASTM, FTM, SAE, ISO, IP, DIN, JIS, and US military specifications. We also offer customized specimens to meet your exact requirements for R&D and proprietary test methods. We’re continuing to expand our operating and manufacturing capacity, and we look forward to working with you – no matter what your testing requirements are.

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