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metal test panel specimen used in ASTM B571 metallic coating adhesion testing

ASTM B571 Adhesion Test Panels

Metaspec makes metal test panels and specimens used in ASTM B571 (Qualitative Adhesion Testing of Metallic Coatings). ASTM B571 describes a variety of different test methods that are used to evaluate the adhesion of metallic coatings on various substrates. These methods include: bend test, burnishing test, chisel-knife test, draw test, file test, grind saw test, heat-quench test, impact test, peel test, push test, and scribe-grid test.


ASTM B571 adhesion testing is usually performed on the finished plated or coated part itself. However, some plating and coating specifications allow using separate test panels (sometimes called special test specimens) that are plated along with the finished parts. This is usually done when the finished parts are too small, too large, or too awkwardly shaped to be used in adhesion testing. The test panels should be made from the same substrate metal as the finished parts.


The separate test panel size isn't defined in ASTM B571, and may be defined by the plating specification or by the end user/purchaser. Some standard sizes include 1" x 8" or 2" x 12" panels.

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