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ASTM B449 Test Specimens

Metaspec manufactures test specimens used in quality testing by ASTM B449, which covers chromate conversion coatings on aluminum and aluminum alloys. ASTM B449 chromate conversion coatings are intended to protect against corrosion and serve as a base for other coatings. The production or quality control requirements generally require that the chromate conversion coated parts be tested for conformance to ASTM B449. However, some parts (due to shape or size) can't be tested. In those cases, the specification describes 'separate specimens' that are plated together with the other parts and then tested at the end of the plating process for conformance.

The following tests in ASTM B449 require test specimens. Click on the test method number for more information about specimens required for each test.

  • ASTM B449 Separate Test Specimens

    • ASTM B449 §7.2 Electrical Resistance

    • ASTM B449 §7.3 Adhesion (see ASTM D3359, ISO 2409, or FTM 6301)

    • ASTM B449 §7.4 Corrosion Resistance (see ASTM B117 or ISO 3768)

    • ASTM B449 §7.5 Coating Mass per Unit Area (see ISO 3892)

    • ASTM B449 §7.6 / Appendix X1 Confirming Class 2 Coatings - Spot Test

    • ASTM B449 §7.7 / Appendix X1 Coating Identification

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