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ASTM B177 Test Specimens

Metaspec manufactures test specimens used in quality testing by ASTM B177, which is a guide for engineering chromium electroplating. This type of chromium plating is sometimes called functional or hard chromium, and is thicker than decorative chrome plating. ASTM B177 can be used when plating a variety of substrates, including aluminum, nickel, cast iron, steel, copper, and titanium.

The production or quality control requirements generally require that the plated parts be tested for conformance to ASTM B177. However, some parts (due to shape or size) can't be tested. In those cases, separate specimens or test panels that are plated together with the other parts can then be tested for conformance. ASTM B177 does not define the separate specimen size or dimension; these should be agreed on between the plater and the end user or purchaser. Metaspec can make test specimens in a wide range of sizes and alloys.

The following tests in ASTM B177 use test specimens.

  • ASTM B177 §10.2 Thickness (see ASTM B487, B499, B244, B504 or B568)

  • ASTM B177 §10.3 Hardness (see ASTM B578)

  • ASTM B177 §10.2 Adhesion (see ASTM B571)

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