SAE J1703 corrosion test strip specimen tinned iron

SAE J1703 Corrosion Test Strips

Standard corrosion test strips used in testing by SAE J1703 (Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid). This test uses two sets of test strips (also called specimens or coupons) made of tinned iron (RM-6a), steel (RM-7), aluminum (RM-8), cast iron (RM-9), brass (RM-10), copper (RM-11), and zinc (ISO-2). Each test strip is 1.3 cm x 8 cm (thickness varies by material), has a 4-5 mm hole at one end, and is cleaned and polished as described in SAE J1703. The test strips are bent at one end so that each strip can be mounted on an uncoated steel bolt in a fan-shaped assembly. This allows the strips to be in electrolytic contact during the test.