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MIL-PRF-25134 Figure 1 dimensions for dissimilar metal test panels

MIL-PRF-25134 §4.7.9 Corrosion Test Panels

Metal test specimens used in testing the corrosion characteristics of solvent-type paint removers by MIL-PRF-25134 §4.7.9. The specification describes two tests (Single Panel Corrosion Test and Corrosion Test for Dissimilar Metal) that use these specimens. Each test panel is 1" x 2" and is made from the following metal alloys:

  • Steel (AMS 5046) - 2 each
  • Tinplate (ASTM A623 & ASTM A624) - 2 each
  • Magnesium (AZ31B-H24, pickled per MIL-M-3171)* - 4 each
  • Aluminum (2024-T3) - 4 each
  • Aluminum (1100-H24) - 4 each

Holes are drilled in the test panels as needed according to the test method (see MIL-PRF-25134 Figure 1 and Figure 2). Customized test specimens for modified versions of this test are available on request.


*Note that the MIL-M-3171 chrome pickle treatment specified in MIL-PRF-25134 is no longer used or commercially available in the US. Metaspec can provide untreated magnesium panels or an alternate surface treatment instead of MIL-M-3171. 

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