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Steel test coupon for GM 9540P accelerated corrosion test

GM9540P Steel Corrosion Coupons

Steel corrosion coupons (also called mass loss panels) used in GM9540P (Accelerated Corrosion Test). These corrosion coupons are made from AISI 1006-1010 steel, and are 1" x 2" (25.4 mm  x 50.8 mm). The test method allows several different coupon thicknesses, depending on the test duration. The four recommended thicknesses are 1/32" (0.032"), 1/16" (0.062"), 1/8" (0.125"), and 1/4" (0.250"). Each coupon has a mounting hole to fit a corrosion coupon mounting rack, and is stamped with an identifying serial number. 

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