C630 nickel aluminum bronze machined test coupon side view

C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Test Panels

Metaspec makes test panels, specimens, coupons and catalysts from C630 aluminum nickel bronze (also known as CDA 630, UNS C63000, or AMS 4640). This bronze alloy is used in aerospace and marine applications due to its high strength and corrosion resistance. These test specimens are cut and machined from plate or bar material. Customized test panels are available on request.

  • Test panels can be machined from plate or bar material. A wide range of sizes and thickness are available, including panels as thin as 0.032 inch. This process leaves some visible machining marks on the surface instead of an ‘as rolled’ surface finish.

    An additional polishing process can smooth out the machining marks on the faces of the test panel and is available upon request. Machined test panels are interleaved or packed individually to prevent surface scratches.