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4" x 12" aluminum test panel for ASTM G52 seawater exposure test

ASTM G52 Seawater Exposure Specimens

SKU: 202-ALLOY-032x4x12-NH-NP-SP

Metal test specimens used in testing by ASTM G52 (Exposing & Evaluating Metals & Alloys in Surface Seawater). This practice is used to evaluate various metals and materials that may be exposed to corrosion by seawater in bays, harbors, channels, and so forth. The recommended specimen size is 4" x 12", but specimens may be larger or smaller to suit a particular test. Because the specimens are expected to corrode during the test, each specimen should be marked in a way that it can be identified in spite of any possible corrosion. Some identification options include serial-numbering, drilled holes, or corrosion-resistant metal tags attached to the specimen by an insulated cord.

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