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ASTM F945 brake u-bend titanium specimen

ASTM F945 Titanium Test Specimens

Titanium (AMS 4911, also known as 6Al-4V, and other alloys) test specimens for ASTM F945 stress-corrosion testing. This test measures the stress corrosion cracking of titanium alloy parts caused by aircraft turbine engine cleaning and maintenance materials. Each test specimen measures 0.75" x 3.0" x 0.050". The test specimens have a 0.28" (7mm) hole at each end. For the test itself, the specimen is shaped into a 65° bend; this is called a brake or U-bend specimen. The U-bend specimen is then stressed or restrained with a bolt threaded through the specimen holes and fastened with washers, creating a U shape. Metaspec provides U-bend and preform (not bent) specimens, with or without the stainless steel bolt and unplated washers called for in the test method.


Metaspec maintains material traceability for every specimen. However, Metaspec does not batch-test titanium for susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking (SCC). Please contact us to learn more.


A few test specifications call for F945 specimens to be made from AMS 4916 (8Al-1Mo-1V). This alloy is not commercially available in 0.050" thickness.

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