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ASTM D7820 test specimen assembly front view

ASTM D7820 Test Specimen Assembly

Metal test specimens and accessories used in ASTM D7820 (Engine Coolant Corrosion Protection Under Accelerated Thermal and Oxidizing Conditions Using a Rotating Pressure Vessel). These test specimens are similar to those used in ASTM D1384, but are assembled differently for use with a rotating pressure vessel (RPVOT).


ASTM D7820 uses six metal specimens made of 1020 steel, 110 copper, C260 brass, Grade 30A solder-coated brass, UNS A23190 cast aluminum, and SAE G3500 cast iron. Each specimen is 1" x 2" (thickness varies by material), and has a 17/64" center hole. Each specimen is polished per ASTM D7820.


The assembled specimen set uses PTFE legs (1.125" x 2" x 1/16") with a 1/4" hole centered 7/8" from one end. This gives the finished specimen assembly a lower profile than the ASTM D1384 specimen assembly. The metal test specimens are arranged on a 10-24 brass machine screw (with a PTFE sleeve or liner) with 1/8" PTFE spacers between each specimen and the legs at each end. The finished specimen assembly  measures 38 mm from the outside edges of the screw or 32 mm from the outside edges of the PTFE legs. 


These test specimens are available as fully assembled specimen sets or as polished and individually packaged specimens. 

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