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ASTM D4636 polished washer metal test specimens

ASTM D4636 Test Specimens

Test specimens used in ASTM D4636 corrosion and oxidation testing (C&O). This test method includes a number of possible variations and test conditions, including differences in the test specimens. The test specimens can be square-shaped or washer-shaped. Each test specimen is polished per ASTM D4636, and is batch traceable to the original material. ASTM D4636 test specimens can be copper, steel, aluminum, magnesium, cadmium, silver, titanium, silicon-iron-bronze, and tool steel. The test can also be modified to use non-standard test specimens.


Square specimens (also called coupons), measure 1" x 1" x 0.032" (25.4mm x 25.4 mm x 0.81mm). The test method calls for square specimens in these materials:

  • CA110 Copper
  • 1010 Steel
  • 2024 Aluminum
  • AZ31B Magnesium
  • Cadmium


Washer specimens have a 3/4" outside diameter (OD) and 1/4" inside diameter (ID), and are 0.032" thick (19.05mm OD x 6.35mm ID x 0.81mm). The test method calls for washer specimens in these materials:

  • R56080 Titanium
  • AZ31B Magnesium
  • M50 Steel
  • C659 Silicon-iron-bronze
  • Silver 99.95% pure
  • 2024 Aluminum


The ASTM D4636 test method is the result of combining FTM 5307 and FTM 5308. Because ASTM D4636 is widely used and referenced by other test methods and specifications, we also provide modified ASTM D4636 test specimens. Please let us know if you're looking for a non-standard test specimen; we'll be happy to work with you.

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