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copper and steel catalyst coil for ASTM D4310 testing

ASTM D4310 Copper & Steel Catalyst Coil

Copper and steel catalyst coil, conforms to ASTM D4310.  These coils are used to evaluate the sludging and corrosion tendencies of inhibited mineral oils. These coils are also called 'copper and iron' catalyst coils.


Coils are made from low-metalloid 1008 steel wire, No. 16 Washburn & Moen Gage (1.59mm diameter) and electrolytic copper wire, No. 14 AWG (1.63mm diameter), 99.9% purity.  The steel (iron) and copper wires are tightly twisted at one end and then wound simultaneously on a threaded mandrel, with the steel wire in the deeper thread. The overall length of the finished coil is 225mm +/- 5mm. The inner diameter is 15.9-16.5mm.  


Catalyst coils are individually packaged in glass tubes with desiccant to prevent oxidation during storage.


Coils are ready to use straight from the package in the laboratory.


ASTM D4310 is equivalent to DIN 51586.

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