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wood test panel specimen substrate for ASTM D3632

ASTM D3632 Test Specimens

Test specimens used in testing adhesives by ASTM D3632 (Accelerated Aging of Adhesive Joints by the Oxygen-Pressure Method). This test outlines three specimen types: wood-to-wood lap shear, wood-to-metal lap shear, and unsupported film (made from the test adhesive). The wood and metal test specimens are 1/8"-1/4" thick. The individual specimens are 1" x 3.25" (wood-to-wood) or 1" x 4" (wood-to-metal). ASTM D3632 recommends using a dense wood such as Douglas-fir, hemlock, southern pine, or yellow birch. The metal and wood materials specified by the adhesive manufacturer should be used.

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