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ASTM D3603 Steel Test Specimens

ASTM D3603 Steel Test Specimens

1018 steel test specimens used in ASTM D3603 (Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Steam Turbine Oil in the Presence of Water - Horizontal Disk Method). This test method uses two types of test specimen: a horizontal steel disk and a vertical steel cylinder. The horizonal specimen allows water to puddle on the steel surface, and the vertical specimen is continually washed with the oil-water test fluid during the test.

The horizonal specimen is 1-3/16" in diameter and 3/16" thick with a 1/4" central threaded shaft that is 3/8" long. 

The vertical specimen is 1/2" in diameter and 1" long (3/8" threaded shaft to attach to the horizontal specimen, 5/8" length excluding the threaded shaft). 

The specimens are attached using a 3/32" fluorocarbon washer. 

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