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ASTM D3433 Metal Test Specimens

ASTM D3433 Metal Test Specimens

Metal test specimens used in ASTM D3433 (Fracture Strength in Cleavage of Adhesives in Bonded Metal Joints). This test method describes two different types of specimen: a flat adherend (also called test panels or joints) and a contoured double-cantilever beam (CDCB) specimen. These specimens can be made from a range of different metal alloys; the recommended alloys are C260 brass, 110 copper, 2024-T3 clad aluminum, A366 steel, 304 stainless steel, and titanium.* The flat adherend specimens are cut to 1" x 14" x 1/2", deburred, cleaned, and polished if necessary. The CDCB specimens are made according to the dimensions called out in ASTM D3433 Figure 3. 


*Note: ASTM D3433 recommends ASTM B265 Grade 3 titanium (CP grade 3), which is not commonly commercially availble. Metaspec can provide CP grade 2 or CP grade 4 titanium specimens.

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