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black ABS plastic 1" x 4" lap shear specimen for ASTM D3164

ASTM D3164 Lap Shear Specimen

Plastic lap shear specimens used in adhesive testing by ASTM D3164 (Strength Properties of Adhesively Bonded Plastic Lap-Shear Sandwich Joints in Shear by Tension Loading). The standard specimen size is 1" x 4" x 0.062". If a metal substrate is used, 2024-T3 aluminum is recommended. The specimens are made in a test panel of seven pairs of specimens, and five pairs are used for each test (the pair at either end of the test panel is discarded before testing). The specimens are adhered in pairs at one overlapped end; this pair of specimens is the lap shear specimen. These lap shear specimens are similar to those used in ASTM D1002 and ASTM D3163.

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