ASTM D2440 copper catalyst coil specimen side

ASTM D2440 Copper Catalyst Coil

Copper catalyst coil, conforms to ASTM D2440.  These coils are used to evaluate the oxidation stability of inhibited mineral insulating oils and steam turbine oils by rotating pressure vessel (RPVOT).


Coils are made from electrolytic, No. 18 AWG wire (1.01mm, 0.0403" diameter), 99.9% purity.  Wire is polished with 100 grit silicon carbide abrasive cloth and wiped clean of dust prior to winding.


Coils are wound on a mandrel to 16 mm outside diameter by 50mm high, 300mm (11.81") total length.


Coils are individually packaged in plastic jars with nitrogen atmosphere with desiccant to prevent oxidation during storage.


ASTM D2440 is equivalent to DIN 51373.