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ASTM D1876 T-peel pre-bent test panel for adhesive testing

ASTM D1876 T-Peel Test Specimen

Test panels used in ASTM D1876 (Peel Resistance of Adhesives - T-Peel Test). Each test panel is 6" x 12" and is bonded to another test panel over 9" of its length. After the test panels are bonded with the test adhesive, the test panels are cut into 1" wide strips and the unbonded ends are pulled apart (forming a T). The amount of force or load required to break or peel the adhesive bond is called the peel resistance. 


These test panels are made from a material identical or similar to the materials used with the adhesive in the end use application. The test method recommends 2024-T3 clad aluminum, but canvas, coated fabrics, plastic films, and metal foils may also be used. The two test panels need not be the same material, but both should be able to bend through 90° without breaking. 

ASTM D1876 T-peel test specimens are also used in testing by ASTM D2918.

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