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polished steel test panel specimen for ASTM D1748 front

ASTM D1748 Test Panel

Steel test panels for use in the ASTM D1748 Humidity Cabinet test. This test measures the corrosion prevention or rust protection qualities of metal preservatives and rust inhibitors. ASTM D1748 is widely used by commercial, R&D, and military test laboratories. 


These 1010 (ASTM A109) steel test panels are 2" x 4" x 1/8". The standard test panel has two 1/8" corner holes on one long side. The edges are rounded and the surface faces are finished to 10-20 rms micro inch. 


Because ASTM D1748 is used in so many test applications, including modifications for R&D, we also offer modified ASTM D1748 test panels on request.

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