ASTM D1384 Test Specimen Set

ASTM D1384 Test Specimen Set

Test specimen sets & assemblies used in ASTM D1384 (Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in Glassware). This test is used to measure the effect of engine coolants on metal test specimens that are similar to the metals present in automotive engines. The same set of specimens are used for ASTM D2570.


ASTM D1384 test specimens are 1 x 2 inches and have a 17/64-inch center hole.  Most specimens are 1/16-inch thick, except for cast aluminum and cast iron, which are 1/8-inch thick.  ASTM D1384 specimens are typically serial-numbered, pre-weighed, assembled, and packaged in VCI paper.


ASTM D1384 also allows alternate or modified test specimens. 


The ASTM D1384 test specimen set includes:

  • Steel (UNS G10200, SAE 1020) specimen
  • Copper (UNS C110000, SAE CA110) specimen
  • Brass (UNS C26000, SAE C260) specimen
  • Solder-coated brass (C260 brass coated with Grade 30A solder) specimen
    • Pure solder Grade 30A specimen is optional replacement
  • Cast aluminum (UNS A23190, SAE 329) (1/8" thick)
  • Cast iron (SAE G3500) (1/8" thick)


Each test specimen is batch traceable to the original material. These test specimens are also available individually.


Alternative specimen sets are also available in a wide range of alloys.  For a more complete list of the alloys available, please see the ASTM D1384 individual specimen page.