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steel test panel for ASTM B489 metal coating bend test

ASTM B489 Bend Test Panels

SKU: 202-1008-036x4x6-NH-NP

Steel test panels used in ASTM B489 (Bend Test for Ductility of Electrodeposited and Autocatalytically Deposited Metal Coatings on Metals). This test involves cutting several test specimens from a coated or plated metal part; each test specimen is 10 mm x 150 mm (0.39" x 5.90"). These cut specimens are then bent with a mandrel per ASTM B489.


However, not all plated parts are suitable for cutting flat test specimens for ASTM B489. In those cases, separate test panels can be plated together with the other parts. The plated test panel is then cut into test strips for the bend test. The test panel can be any size, but the standard recommended size is 4" x 6" x 0.039". This size allows several test specimens to be cut from each test panel.


Metaspec provides these test panels with a pre-cleaned as-rolled surface finish. Customized test panels are available on request.

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