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TT-C-490 Test Specimens

Metaspec manufactures test specimens used in quality testing by Federal Specification TT-C-490, which covers processes, pretreatments, and pre-primer surface preparations of metallic substrates for coating applicators.

The following tests in Specification TT-C-490 require test specimens. Click on the test method number for more information about the specimens required for each test.

  • TT-C-490 §4.7.2 Separate Test Specimens & Coupons TT-C-490 §4.8.6 Paint Adhesion TT-C-490 §4.8.7 Flexibility TT-C-490 §4.8.8 Water Resistance TT-C-490 §4.8.9 Hydrocarbon Fluid Resistance TT-C-490 § Salt Spray Resistance (see ASTM B117) TT-C-490 § Cyclic Corrosion Resistance TT-C-490 § Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance

  • TT-C-490 §4.8.11 Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Test (see ASTM F519)

To read or download this specification, click below.

Download PDF • 439KB


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