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USDA Forest Service 5100-304c Test Specimens

Metaspec manufactures test specimens used in quality and conformance testing by US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Specification 5100-304c, which covers a long-term retardant used in wildland firefighting.

The following tests in USDA Forest Service 5100-304c require test specimens. Click on the test method number for more information about specimens required for each test.

  • 5100-304c §4.7.1 Uniform Corrosion Test (see USDA WFC STP 5.1)

  • 5100-304c §4.7.2 Intergranular Corrosion Test (USDA WFC STP 5.2 - see USDA WFC STP 5.1)

  • 5100-304c §4.7.3 Effect of Wet Concentrate & Mixed Retardant on Non-Metallic Materials (see USDA WFC STP 5.3)

  • 5100-304c §4.7.4 Abrasion Test (see USDA WFC STP 5.4)

  • 5100-304c §6 Large & Small Stability Coupons

    • 5100-304c § Product Stability Test STP-4 – Outdoor Storage Test for Wet Concentrates

    • 5100-304c § Mixed Retardant – Storable

    • 5100-304c § Mixed Retardant – Not Storable


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