ASTM D7044 Test Specimens

Metaspec manufactures test specimens required by Specification ASTM D7044, which covers biodegradable fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. These hydraulic fluids are used in the industrial/mobile and mining industries.

The following is a list of tests in Specification ASTM D7044 that require test specimens. Some of these tests may be customized for this specification. Click on the test method number for more information about specimens required for each test.

  • ISO 4404 - Corrosion Protection

  • DIN 51373 - Corrosion Protection

  • ISO 2160 - Copper Strip Corrosion

  • ISO 7120 - Rust Prevention

  • ASTM D943 - Oxidation Stability

  • ISO 4263-1 - Oxidation Stability

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